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"Suffer hardship with me as a good soldier of Christ Jesus..." II Timothy 2:3-4


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Yankee or Rebel?


There are many sensitive issues surrounding the Civil War, particularly its causes, the motivations of those who fought, and the interpretation of political and military events of that time period. It is not our mission to answer these questions or resolve these debates.


Instead, Civil War Dads focuses on the spiritual civil war raging today for the heart and soul of our families and nation. That war cannot be won without godly men fulfilling their biblical calling to leadership, service, and sacrifice as husbands and fathers. The Civil War is merely used to illustrate these biblical truths. Below are answers to common questions we receive.


Is Civil War Dads Pro-Union or -Confederate?


Neither. Civil War Dads is a balanced presentation making use of Union and Confederate examples without taking sides. We receive positive feedback from Yankees and Rebels alike and hope you will find this presentation to be challenging and encouraging.


Why does Steve wear Union military attire?


Steve wears Union military attire because he is a Civil War reenactor in honor of his great-great grandfather, Pvt. William Fletcher Hughey, of the 73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry and 19th Veteran Reserve Corps. The Union uniform is a convenient prop because that's the uniform Steve already happens to own.


Do you discuss the causes of the Civil War?


No, though we may mention them to put historical events in their proper context.




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