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"Suffer hardship with me as a good soldier of Christ Jesus..." II Timothy 2:3-4


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Below is a sampling of comments we have received about Civil War Dads. If you would like to add your thoughts for consideration, contact us today.

  • "Good stuff!" - Dr. Tony Campolo, internationally recognized author and speaker, via letter after viewing the video  

  • "You did a first rate job in 'Civil War Dads' and if you ever want a future on the lecture circuit, my guess is that you would be a sensation." - Herb Meyer, internationally recognized author, writer, speaker, and creator of The Siege of Western Civilization video via email. He served as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council under President Ronald Reagan

  • "You have a powerfully significant and excellent message. You do a mighty job." - Bill Johnson, founder and executive director of the American Decency Association, via a hand-written note after watching a live presentation

  • "That is the absolute best event that I've ever attended of any kind in my life." - Verbal comment from a men's breakfast attendee to his pastor

  • "The content was excellent.  I was moved by your explanation of vision...and the challenge of a great vision for our children's children." - Tom Helling, President, CEO Solutions via email

  • "Every husband needs to see this." - N.R., wife and mother, via telephone after viewing the DVD

  • "We had a good session on Saturday morning with lots of positive feedback on your presentation. It was an appropriate message for our men's group...[as] something that would hold their interest (which your message's blend with history certainly did) and be challenging to them (your five areas of responsibility for men really hit that)." - R.G., after showing the video to his men's breakfast group, via email

  • "You are using the gifts that God gave you to influence men to re-focus on the family. This is exactly where God has my heart..." - R.K., husband and father, via email after viewing the video

  • "I really was inspired by your message....Even though you targeted the men in the audience, there was a lot for us women to gain." - C.S., pastor's wife, via email

  • "We were engrossed in the stories of these godly men and their sacrifice." - B.J., husband and father, via email after viewing the video

  • "This was an answer to prayer. I'm facing several issues and tough decisions in the coming weeks. Then God sends a message like Civil War Dads to help." - Verbal comment from a conference attendee

  • "Where were you 40 years ago? I could have used this back then!" - Verbal comment from an elderly gentleman at a men's breakfast

  • "This is a timely message for all men. You need to get this out." - A.K., pastor, via telephone

  • "Excellent! Very challenging to me. Very much like reading Hebrews 11 - heroes of the faith during the Civil War." - Written comment on a conference survey form

  • "My husband came home and pitched our TV so he wouldn't spend so much time watching sports all weekend instead of spending time with the family." - M.D., wife and mother, via telephone (Editor's note: After 7 years the TV is still gone!)

  • "This was great!  I need to get you in front of our youth group." - D.S., youth group leader, verbal comment

  • "I've attended this seminar many times and still enjoy hearing this inspiring and insightful message." - K.B. (Okay, I confess, that's my wife Karen. Thanks for your support honey!)




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