Civil War Dads


"Suffer hardship with me as a good soldier of Christ Jesus..." II Timothy 2:3-4


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What Is Civil War Dads?


As Christians, we are engaged in a spiritual civil war for the heart and soul of our families and nation. How do we win this war? One key, perhaps the key, is for godly men to rise up and fulfill their biblical calling to leadership, service, and sacrifice as husbands and fathers. Civil War Dads is a presentation designed to drive that point home on a practical level.


Our goal is to build God's kingdom one person and one family at a time. Although Civil War Dads is geared toward men, the heart of this message is for all Christians. In fact, many women compliment us on how we drive Scriptural truths home to their husbands with tangible examples and bring history to life with a human focus. It is an appropriate presentation for the entire family.


Civil War Dads artfully blends biographical sketches, letters and diaries, period and reenactment photographs, music from the movie Gettysburg, and demonstrations of Civil War equipment with a strong Christian message and passionate preaching. Each presentation is a hard-hitting, yet entertaining, mix of faith, family, and history.


Why Focus on Men?


All Christians are called to a life of service and sacrifice. Yet, Scripture makes it clear that God has called men to a position of leadership within their families. As the father goes, so goes the family, and ultimately so goes the culture and nation.


What about Leadership, Service, and Sacrifice?


The principles of leadership, service, and sacrifice are inextricably linked in Scripture and were powerfully demonstrated in the life of Jesus. In this day of self-fulfillment, however, men seldom hear much about service and sacrifice; almost never are these principles linked to leadership. Yet God calls men to live as sacrificial servants not just be servant leaders.


How are these Topics Connected to the Civil War?


The concept of soldiering is used in Scripture to illustrate principles of the Christian life (II Corinthians 10:3-4, Ephesians 6:11-17, II Timothy 2:3-4). Likewise, the Civil War provides many examples of leadership, service, and sacrifice in action. The Civil War also serves as a stark reminder that Christians are engaged in a spiritual civil war for our faith and families every day.





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