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"Suffer hardship with me as a good soldier of Christ Jesus..." II Timothy 2:3-4


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Our Message


Civil War Dads:

Leadership, Service, Sacrifice

The following is an overview of the Civil War Dads message. Civil War Dads assumes a Christian background of knowledge but is also evangelistic and appropriate for unbelievers. We customize the material to fit the needs and interests of each audience, from a 1-hour keynote or workshop to an all day or weekend conference. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs. Better yet, order our 75-minute video in DVD or VHS format! 

The Spiritual Civil War

The family is the foundation for all social order in God's creation. At the heart of the family is a 3-way relationship between God, a man, and a woman. As that relationship goes, so goes the family, and therefore society. We focus on the spiritual civil war that engulfs our families and nation by examining modern America in light of our Christian heritage, the problems we face as an ungodly nation today, and the link between home life and the spiritual condition of America. How do we win the spiritual civil war? What are the keys to victory for our families and ultimately our nation? God is counting on His men.

Leadership: Authority to Fulfill Responsibility

Rebuilding a godly heritage in our families and nation requires men to fulfill their biblical calling to leadership. That is the first step. But what is leadership? What does the Bible say about men and leadership? We examine authority in detail and the accompanying responsibilities of husbands and fathers. The qualities of biblical leadership are brought to life through the lives and actions of famous Union and Confederate generals. What practical lessons can we apply today?

Service: Denying Self for Others

Service is the practical application of leadership. Service is what leadership does. What does it mean to serve? What is the biblical connection between leadership and service? Experience the cold realities of biblical service through the eyes of the common infantry soldier in the Civil War. How do these examples guide us in serving our families?

Sacrifice: Be Willing to Die

Service only takes us so far and then we must be willing to sacrifice; we must be willing to die. What is the cost of following Christ and leading our families? See biblical sacrifice illustrated in the lives of those who fought for our freedoms in the Civil War. Learn how men can be "sacrificial servants" for their families and strengthen the heritage of their Christian faith for future generations.

They Are All Dead Now!

Some died in battle or from disease, some suffered horrible battle wounds or in captivity, and others lived to great glory and a ripe old age but the Civil War generation is dead and gone now. While the Civil War ended over 140 years ago, the spiritual civil war for our families and faith never ends. But will we fight? Will we answer the call? What will future generations say about us and the times in which we live? What will they say about the heritage we have left for them?




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